Let Everything Exist.

Connect with global innovators to solve world’s greatest challenges.


People are problem solvers.

We believe that everyone, young and old, is a curious problem solver. Nevertheless, many things in our world are broken.

We stay optimistic. Thanks to technology, we can now connect and fix what’s broken.

A forum for innovators.

We are a group of individuals and organisations in different countries with a common goal in mind: share knowledge to solve world’s biggest challenges.

We connect on Infinity Project. A shared thinking space. A place where we discuss goals, brainstorm ideas and write plans for science driven innovations to move humanity forward.

Tackle global issues.

No matter what challenge you face, big or small, any problem can be solved through a conversation. We take this approach further. We strive to understand the common goals of the world and take action to pursue them, together.

We start with the most important problems, those that create a risk for the survival of humanity. Nuclear power, superintelligent A.I., global warming, pandemic, the list goes on. High priority questions such as each individual’s health, ageing, cancer treatment touch all of us.

We need a systemic approach to tackle them all. Start with sharing knowledge.

Use technology for good.

We live in incredible times. Technology is growing exponentially. We must be careful with what we build. Every innovative company is already using business intelligence systems and is actively investing in the development of solutions driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning with the goal to optimize the operations of the business. While it’s economically profitable, it’s also risky. Imagine multiple artificial intelligences managing closed corporations and entire governments. Sounds like a science fiction? It’s not.

We believe that if humanity won’t define its goals, the near future will come when artificial intelligence will define it for us. Then it’s too late. We seek to consciously create conditions for people to define common goals while cooperating on international level and take action to achieve them.

We seek to create a public, friendly and open artificial intelligence that help people achieve their goals.

Moreover, when all the knowledge is open, everyone understands how decisions are made, solutions developed and thus can freely contribute time and financial resources towards those goals that matter most.

Science behind it.

To satisfy our mission, we make it easy for people to start discussions about things that truly matter. Problems, ideas and projects, in all the world's languages and currencies.

We have three models to help us do just that:

 1.  Knowledge management
 2.  Project risk evaluation
 3.  Payments and equity sharing

Here’s how we organize knowledge.

Infinity Knowledge Model

It is said that people don't need a boss, people just need an understandable structure on how things get done. Everyday, people use a very simple algorithm to solve problems:

 1.  Conceptualize what they want.
 2.  Think of ideas how to get it.
 3.  Instantiate them as projects.
 4.  Break them down to stages.
 5.  Work on tasks within them.

Look at the world, - everything that was ever made went through this scheme. We take this process further. This process, which is repeated in countless companies and individuals is automatically creating the very useful procedural knowledge, it instantiates so-called "Work Breakdown Structures" or "Hierarchical Task Networks," which are the graphs which can be used to learn to replicate the success stories of others.

Here’s how we think about risk.

Infinity Risk Model

We define a new currency which is an hour of a human labour and which has a stable market value. At any stage within our designed system people can declare current or expected future time expenditures which are then accumulated throughout the hierarchy. Moreover, we have implemented a solution to automatically calculate a project return on investment in all currencies. We do this based on the expected investments and expected values of deliverables for the stages of projects.

Here’s how we think about payments.

Infinity Time Model

We enable project participants to turn time they have spent working on projects into shares of products and services created throughout a project work on our platform. Moreover, we enable you to create credit when voting for declared time even if people don’t have finances to compensate for it.


It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, we all have dreams. We have goals we want to achieve. Your grandma may want to be young and healthy again. We may want to cure cancer, malaria, and other diseases. Go to Mars or travel the Universe. Make sure that nuclear power and a super intelligent A.I. won't create a threat for our world.

We believe that people can organise themselves into meaningful groups driven by missions rather than profits and competition; where each organisation operates as a global family where people join and share freely without keeping secrets from each other, and choose to invest their time into organisations based on motivation and abilities, and be able to live from working on ideas.

We strive to create conditions where:

 —  Every individual can freely work on ideas directly in society without middle managers or organisations identified as employers. Work within a public work system.

 —  Everyone can understand the process of any project development. Share and collect knowledge on how any goods and services are created and replicate the same process to create whatever they need. Just use time and the laws of physics. This is fully sufficient to create whatever has been already created by the mankind.

 —  Everyone can openly see what’s happening in society as a whole and share without restricting themselves with NDAs and work contracts. Instead, freely choose to invest your time in those things that matter. Democracy is when people own their time and we aim to enable people to vote by time to do what’s most important.

We’re looking for friends who want to help us achieve these and any goals that matter to everyone. Come join us and let’s discuss things that matter to you.


We exist to help people achieve their goals. We strive to provide knowledge for those who need it to make the world a better place for all.

We are driven by curiosity to understand the world around us. We value empathy and agility to make sure we understand each other and move the humanity forward while also having fun.

 —  Curiosity - staying open to ask difficult questions
 —  Empathy - understanding each other
 —  Agility - being proactive to solve problems

Future is now, come join us.

Get in touch to start a conversation how you can be part of our network.

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