Making Formal Goals Exchange More Efficient

Can a simple model be designed for efficient exchange of intents? We share an attempt to introduce such a language, based on the decomposition of equation model F(X)=Y by treating Y as Goal conditions about world Assets F, and treating X as "Actions as processes" defining world's agents. The suggested model consists of concept definitions to organize these categories: Y (Need, Goal, Idea, Plan, Step), X (Action), and F (Asset, Agent, Place, Event, Topic). The proposal is described in a complementary video, and an attempt has been made to create an on-line forum to experiment with the model practice.

How Can Life Escape Entropy?

Does entropy behave similar to gravity? If so, can we apply the principles of rocketry to escape it's pull? We share a report on the idea of a geometric interpretation of life in the field of entropy as an object in gravity, further discusses the idea of "information rocket" on Halfbakery (link), and Everything-List (link) reveals that entropy behaves different from gravity: a search for Lagrange points of two hypothetical entropy balls has lead to hypotheses that they may exist, when pseudorandom entropy sources cancel each other due to wave-like phenomena, or complementary probability-distributional drags. A more formal possible interpretation through quantum mechanics has been suggested by LC.